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Expert Electrical Contractors in Newbury | The Benefits of HD CCTV Installation

At W&A Electricals Ltd, our electrical services come in many shapes and forms. With a HD CCTV installation, our electricians are able to help clients in Newbury step up security around their homes and businesses both effectively and professionally.


There are many benefits to a HD CCTV installation and we run through some of the more prominent advantages below. If you need to know more after reading this page, call our electrical contractors today and we’ll provide as much help and advice as you need.



Major Deterrent

HD CCTV systems are the first step towards deterring criminals and intruders. By having our electricians put cameras on the walls of your building, most would-be perpetrators would be put off trying to access your Newbury home from the start.


Safer Working Environment

HD CCTV installation helps Health and Safety policies to be upheld while your staff are at work. CCTV also helps with the improvement of security practices. The quality of image from a HD camera is so high, you can pick out the most minor details on the screen and identify potential breach areas.


Reduced Shop Theft

Our electrical contractors can increase security inside your Newbury retail outlet with a full HD CCTV installation. Just as importantly, a camera will serve as an active deterrent that reduces instances of shoplifting and will increase the possibility of successfully identifying those who steal your products and goods.


Fraud Claims

Today, there are many fraudulent claims made by people determined to play the insurance system. Our electricians can help eliminate such behaviour by setting up a HD CCTV installation. In the event of a possible claim, footage can be viewed to see if an incident is genuine or if an act of fraud has taken place.


Home HD CCTV Installation

Homeowners in Newbury can use CCTV cameras to reduce their insurance premiums. In the event of a crime taking place at your property, there will be a strong chance of detection and conviction. An installation as part of our electrical services is often enough do deter intruders in many cases anyway.


Staff Protection

CCTV is perfect for schools and hospitals in the Newbury area, particularly when children need to be protected or if you are worried about possible attacks on members of staff. Our electricians can have a system up and running for the protection of everybody using your premises.


Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your home or business when you’re not about. All HD CCTV images can be viewed and controlled over the internet. You can even see what’s happening at your property from your handheld device.


Reduce Fear

Our electrical services make your Newbury home or business more secure and give you the peace of mind to get on with your life. All of our electrical contractors are fully trained to NICEIC standards and are fully insured.



For more information on HD CCTV installation and electrical services in Newbury, call W&A Electricals Ltd now on 01793 485033 or 07791 840100.


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